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Influencer Marketing.

User generated content that converts. Create eye-catching ads or reach your target audience organically.


  • Detailed creative briefs
  • We filter and vet the best influencers based on engagement, location, content, and more.
  • Drive ROI through swipe up links and discount codes.
  • Repurpose content to scale ads.



User Generated Content

User generated content is a powerful form of video and images creation to drive more sales for your business. Influencers are expert content producers, with a focus on resonating with their audience to deliver content that they actually want to see.

At MuteSix, we find the best content creators that are interested in your industry and fit your brand’s aesthetic. This way we’re able to produce ads that consistently hit over 2.5x ROAS.


Organic Reach

Influencers connect with the people who follow similar lifestyles. Finding the right influencer is important, that’s why we leverage Grin’s proprietary technology to find influencers with both high and real engagement.

We see immediate sales through swipe up links and personalized discount codes. By connecting to your online store to your influencer strategy, we track ROI connected to all influencer mentions.


Influencer Partners


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